"Omnia signa, nero su bianco"

24. 09. 2015 - 07. 11. 2015

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello, Milano, Italy

O. T., 1980 © Leiko Ikemura

Giuseppe Abate, Hermann Albert, Karin Andersen, Siegfried Anzinger, Irene Balia, Alighiero Boetti, Georg Baselitz, Marc Brandenburg, Gabriele Brucceri, Gunter Brus, Nicola Caredda, Cioni Carpi, Nicola Carrino, Anna Caruso, Sandro Chia, Umberto Chiodi, Enzo Cucchi, Marco Cingolani, Francesco Clemente, Walter Dahn, Enrico David,Francesco De Grandi, Agnes Denes, Martin Disler, Hannah Dougherty, Roberto Fanari, Tamara Ferioli, Pietro Fortuna, Leiko Ikemura, Enej Gala, Daniele Galliano, Michela Ghisetti, Matteo Giagnacovo, David Hockney, Karl Horst Hodicke, Thomas Lange, Robert Longo, Ben Lundberg, Donald Judd, Urs Lüthi, Carlo Maria Mariani, Andrea Mastrovito, Jan McKeever, Bas Meerman, Silvia Mei, Ryan Mendoza, Helmut Middendorf, Marzia Migliora, Jan Muche, Nunzio, Alex Katz, Adrian Paci, Mimmo Paladino, Luca Patella, A.R. Penk, Paolo Pibi, Federico Pietrella, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Luigi Presicce, Pierluigi Pusole, Pietro Roccasalva, Stefano Ronchi, Sofia Rondelli, Salvo, Aldo Sergio, Sophia Schama, Gianluca Sgherri, Chiara Sorgato, Volker Tannert, Matteo Tenardi, Anselm Stalder, Ettore Tripodi, Marcel Van Eeeden, Elena Vavaro, Maja Vukoje, Bernard Venet, Rolf Winnewisser, Bernd Zimmer, Davide Zucco, Michael Zwach

Opening: Thursday September 24, 6pm

The Studiod'Arte Cannaviello is pleased to present its upcoming exhibition of drawings on paper. After 40 years of collective show "Drawings" exposed in the old Rome headquarters of this gallery and presented by Achille Bonito Oliva artistic director in the year 1975/1976, a new appointment with the graphical representation is shaping up here.

Through a detailed research work are resurfaced drawings, mostly quick sketches, coming mainly from the warehouses of the Gallery, that, displayed in various formats, allow us to "flip through a family album" see also what is behind each work.

All artists in fact, from conceptual to figurative, running a project that usually is executed in pencil on a sheet of paper. This festival therefore wants to illustrate the first and fundamental step of creative artistic activity that, at times, becomes itself a work of art. The protagonists of this show are 80 artists, age, provenance and distinct tendencies, which in large part, participated in the life of the gallery and that have used the design as a means of expression indispensable.

The exhibition will aspire to bring out aesthetic potential and as collectors. An essay by Sharon Di Carlo accompanies this variegated and important creative.

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello
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